Weatherstripping – Standard Complete Sets


When ordering weatherstripping, be sure to specify height requirements. All tops and bottoms are cut to 48” lengths. Individual pieces are available based on needs.

Complete sets include:

  • 4 pieces of rubber & felt verticals
  • 4 pieces of all rubber bottoms
  • 4 pieces of rubber and felt tops.

Weatherstripping Standard Tee StyleStandard Tee Style
Interchangeable With: Blakeway, BWN (requires plastic retainer), Crane, E.E.S., Heise, Hi-Rise, and Tajima

Weatherstripping International Tee Style

International  Tee Style
Interchangeable With: International

Weatherstripping Custom Tee StyleCustom Tee Style
Interchangeable With: C.J. Rush, Tubelite

Weatherstripping MRDC SQT Tee StyleMRDC SQT Tee Style
Interchangeable With: Brush: Boon Edam, Crane, Horton

Weatherstripping MRDC 6430MRDC 6430
Interchangeable With: Horton 9630 & 9451