Floor & Overhead Pivot Assemblies


MRDC pivots and replacement parts have a stainless steel upper with a black zinc-plated lower casing. They are interchangeable for Blakeway, BriteVue/Kawneer, General Bronze, Crane Fulview II, E.E.S., Heise (1984-1986), Hi-Rise, International, and Tajima.

Pivots (Assembled)

  • Slotted Pivot AssemblyInterchangeable With: Blakeway, BriteVue, Kawneer, Crane, Hi-Rise, Tajima
  • Round Hole Pivot AssemblyInterchangeable With: E.E.S., Heise, General Bronze
  • Square Pivot AssemblyInterchangeable With: International (FSD), BWN (with shaft adapter plate)
  • SAS Floor PivotInterchangeable With: Crane, Hi-Rise
  • MRDC IRD Slimline Floor SocketInterchangeable With: International Slimline
  • MRDC Overhead Pivot AssemblyInterchangeable With: Hi-Rise, Crane, E.E.S

Replacement Parts

  • Slotted Type Upper Housing
  • Square Type Upper Housing
  • Round Hole Type Upper housing
  • Lower Housing for all types
  • Grease Fitting
  • Pivot Bearing only
  • Pivot Bottom Case